Thursday, 4 July 2013

Facebook purchases

I feel facebook is still fairly new to me and I'm still finding my feet.  But it's been a great place to connect with other people, not just potential customers but other artists who also spend their day working really hard,  holed up in their studios making beautiful things.  This year I've started to buy presents from other 'makers' as it's really great to be able to deal directly with them.
This is a beautiful screen printed bird house by printmaker Jane Ormes that I bought for my lovely illustrator friend Emma Quay in Australia.  It was a bit nerve-wracking shipping it all that way, but it survived the journey and is being enjoyed in it's new home.

It was my husbands birthday this weekend and I bought him this little wire wren, made by the very talented Helen Godfrey.  It is happily perching on our gate we had made earlier this year and gives me a little surprise every time I open the gate.

I've also bought this fantastic painting from hugely popular artist Louise Rawlings.

And not forgetting these cards from Busy Blackbird (top) and Natalie Rymer.

Strictly speaking I bought one of these porcelain pieces from Katharina Klug at our Christmas Show, but she also had a lovely facebook page and is taking part in Cambridge Open Studios.

I've linked to their facebook pages but some also have websites: , and

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Sasha said...

Those are all beautiful gifts! Thanks for sharing.