Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Product - Meal Planner

Here is another new product launched by Phoenix Trading this month.  I always like receiving commissions and after several attempts at various styles, layouts and designs we settled on this.  It's magnetic so can be attached to the fridge for easy access.  There are sheets of paper to plan out meals for the week and a shopping list to buy what you need.  No excuses for not using up left-overs!

 They aren't available to buy at the moment, but if you host a Phoenix 'coffee and cards' event at your home or work-place, then it is a gift to the host (at the discretion of the Phoenix Trader).
I love all the little details and it was nice to use pen and ink combined with digital artwork for the layout and some of the colour.
This is a detail of the pattern that's on the board beneath the paper pads.


joy said...

I love this, but I cant see it in my new brochure.Is it out now, or at the next release? Joy x x

joy said...

oh, sorry, I should have read all your words! duh!

Anna said...

Well done Alison, a lovely design!