Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Birthday Calendar

This was a really lovely project commissioned by Phoenix Trading.  It was also a very quick turnaround.  I received the brief mid April, the artwork was completed by the end of April and the finished product was available from 1st June.
The brief was to create a perpetual calendar suitable for writing dates of birthdays and anniversaries.  I was given the dimensions (190mm x 340mm) and that it should have a header image with a smaller matching strip below.  I also included little icons on each month, my favourite being the little bird on May.

The images had to be previous designs of mine that Phoenix have published over the last ten years I've been designing for them. They all relate to the appropriate month.  For example, there are strawberries in June.  It was quite tricky as most of my original artwork was square and therefore had to be re-designed to fit the rectangular header.

I am really pleased with the finished product.

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