Thursday, 4 August 2011


Phoenix have just produced some new cube shaped gift boxes and selected my Present artwork as one of the three designs.  They measure 115 x 112 x 112mm and are a masterpiece of paper engineering.  They retail at £4 for two boxes and would be great for gifts such as sweets, fudge or cookies.

Christmas 2011!

I know it's only just August, but I spend quite a lot of the year thinking about and designing for Christmas.  The new products for Phoenix are now out.  There are two die-cut cards both sold in packs of ten.  The Nordic Tree is £4.25 per pack and the Santa Cupcake is £2.75 per pack.  Following the success last year of the Red Berries card design, it is now available as a pack of ten postcards for £4 and as a rather wonderful memento box (340 x 245 x 95mm) for £10.  The cards have sold out but it is still available as 4m roll wrap for £3.50 with matching tags for £2 per pack of ten.  See the posting in September last year for images of the wrap.