Sunday, 26 April 2015

Stratford Art Fair

I have been asked to submit some pictures to this forthcoming show.  So four framed ones and possibly some unframed prints too, will be winging there way over to Stratford very soon.  Some of my artist friends also taking part are:  Judith Yates Arts, JuJu and Bubba, Sarah Summers Illustration, Madebymonty, Liz Toole Artist and Claire Henley. Apparently there will also be cake, so definitely worth a trip!

Nepalese Earthquake

I have been really saddened to hear about the devastating earthquake in Nepal yesterday.  I spent a month travelling around the country in 1992 with my friend Emma Quay.  We sketched as much as we could; me trying to capture the buildings and street life and Emma expertly drawing the people.  I have such fond memories of the beautiful landscape, architecture and welcoming nature of the people, which makes the news reports even more terrible.

I wonder how many of the fragile buildings I drew and photographed are still standing?

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Milton Country Park Community Orchard


In October last year I was asked by Sarah Harris, the co-ordinator of the MCP Community Orchard Project, to design a logo for them.  The orchard only has heritage apple trees, so I came up with the idea for the design quite quickly - a tree within an apple incorporating some birds and flowers.  I also designed the type-face with leaves attached to some of the letters.

They have been busy fencing the area to protect it from deer and rabbits as well as planting ten new trees.  They will also be sewing wild flower seeds, hedge planting and creating a wildlife pond.  Yesterday new signs were installed featuring my logo, made by Rowan Humberstone, a local charity established in 1984, which brings artists and learning-disabled people together in the production of fine artwork and crafts.

It's great to be able to support this wonderful project, MCP is a place I visit every day with my dog and it's inspiring to see all this carried out by volunteers.