Thursday, 21 October 2010

Seed Heads

I thought you'd like to see some of the process involved in producing my latest print 'Seed Heads V'.  Every year a self seeded giant cow parsley plant emerges in the garden.  I really love the shapes, especially when it's stopped flowering and the seeds start appearing.  The shadows were also lovely and I might use them as the basis for a new lino-print.

I start by sketching the plant and then transfer the design onto tracing paper with a pen.  I  then copy the design onto special coated-board, used for collograph prints, by pressing hard with a biro, on the reverse of the tracing paper.  I then add further marks to the 'plate' with a drypoint tool and remove a few areas of the coating where I want the ink to be really dark.

I then print the plate by covering it with oil based ink and then carefully wiping if off again, leaving the ink just in the lines.  I place the plate on my etching press, put paper on top and roll in through the press.  I lift off the paper to reveal the print and repeat the inking process six times to complete the edition.  When the ink is dry, I hand colour the prints with watercolour, sign and edition them.

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silverpebble said...

Hi Alison, Emma Mitchell here (silverpebble blog). How are you fixed to meet up and discuss possible spring plans in the next week?

These images are stunning. Do you have an online shop?