Wednesday, 13 July 2011


My first Open Studio weekend went well.  I sold a couple of my new balancing stone prints and I thought you'd like to see the process.  The printing plates are made of card so they are easy to cut into shapes, so I thought I'd move away from the traditional rectangle and cut them into pebble shapes.  I painted them with oils and carefully arranged them on the press.  I had to place the paper on top of the plates very carefully as I was worried I might move the arrangement.  But they all stayed roughly where I put them and I'm really pleased with the result.  Only a little bit of watercolour was added to the final print to enhance the shadows.  I printed seven with seven balancing pebbles and five with five pebbles.

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nicolakillen said...

Lovely - I'm not surprised you sold them :) Glad your weekend went well. x