Friday, 4 May 2012

May Product Release

Here are two new designs of mine published by Phoenix Trading this month.  The Parrot Tulips make a lovely little 'thank you' gift card and compliment the existing two designs in a similar style.  They are 83 x 110mm, on matt textured board with added glitter.

The Beach Huts are just in time for summer, assuming it does arrive!  I love the way they are die-cut so that the roofs pop up above the sky line.  These are also on matt board and measure 210 x 90mm.


Unknown said...

These are lovely Alison. The ones at the top are a departure in style for Phoenix aren't they? Beautiful.

I must try harder with Phoenix! Did some work with them but its very competitive these days - well done you for consistently getting work over 10 years x Gabs

Janet said...

Hi Alison

I really like your range of greeting cards.