Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October 1st - new product day

I really must update my blog more often, but I'm so busy designing and working to deadlines it doesn't take priority.  However I do try and put things on facebook more regularly as it's quicker and more immediate, so if you haven't looked on there for a while follow this link to my page.
So what have I been working on?  The above is a new card design from Phoenix Trading released today.  It is called Two Birds (code: WS285). It has de-bossed images which creates a 'letterpress'/hand-printed effect. 

Here are some fun colour-in finger puppets I was asked to design. A mixture of 17 farm animals and people plus 7 pieces of 'scenery' that stand up. Let your imagination run wild! You too could colour a chicken green.  (code: CP008)

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