Sunday, 19 June 2016

Meadow Hare

I always like receiving commissions and this was from my neighbour.  She already has 'Viewpoint', the print of a goldfinch perched on top of a teasel and she wanted another to go with it, for her holiday house in Norfolk.

Hares seem to be more prevalent in Norfolk than in Cambridgeshire and we often see them when heading back from the coast.  I've been wanted to do a new print with hares for a while, so this spurred me on.  Cow parsley is one of my favourite subjects and I thought it worked well with the hare to create balance on the right of the design.

I made the plate from a special type of coated board.  It isn't very hard wearing so I could only print eight.  For each print, the plate has to be inked individually which wears the lines away.  Once the print is dry, I add watercolour by hand then sign, date and edition the print.

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