Thursday, 22 July 2021

It's a wrap!

My three weekends of Cambridge Open Studios are now over.  Thanks to everyone that visited, even in the rain and boiling hot weather. The new 'Sunlit Stipa' drypoint print went off to two new homes - the gold leaf was certainly eye-catching.

The framed Poppy Seed Heads (top left) and an unframed Silver Birch Trees (bottom left), also sold.

I also dug out a few oldies, such as this framed drypoint of 'Mangroves, Cape Tribulation', which was first printed in 2009.  It found a new home with a local photographer.  Several other prints and original paintings in the bargain browser also found people to love them.

A big hit were my new Oranges and Lemons tea towels.  Oranges in navy and Lemons in teal were the best sellers.  I will need to order more for my Christmas shows.

Footfall was definitely down this year, perhaps a number of reasons; no printed guide book combined with a hesitancy coming out when Covid levels are still quite high? My visitors were mostly from my mailing list or local to Milton, although there were quite a few that were new customers, which is always gratifying.

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